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 Clients have paid off over $2,339,096+ worth of debt!

Financial Peace Is Within Reach

Liz Hagg, Ramsey Preferred Coach & Mental Fitness Coach CPQC, MBA

Want to be more intentional with your money and stop worrying and reach your goals?  I’m a financial coach that empowers, educates and encourages people to take control of their money so that they can reach their goals and have financial peace.  Whether you have zero debt or feel overwhelmed with debt, transform your financial situation and impact your life & legacy.

Ready to make a change or even just curious-

Meet Liz

Ramsey Preferred Coach & Mental Fitness Coach

Do you ever think:
“I make good money, why can’t I get ahead?” or
“I’m tired of living paycheck to paycheck.”  Or simply
"Can I do better and be more intentional with my money situation?" 


Maybe your financial situation feels like you're carrying a backpack full of bricks which is weighing you down and worrying you. 


Finding the right balance in life of saving and spending is something I’ve questioned.  Am I saving enough for retirement?  Am I enjoying life?  Can we help our kids with college or trade school?  In my 20’s, retirement seemed a lifetime away but I promise you, it comes.  The 30’s were a blur of two kids and growing career.  When I reached my early 40’s, I wondered- are we on track for retirement?  Now that I’m in my 50’s, retirement is much closer and I’m feeling more prepared.  If these questions sound familiar, know you aren't alone! 


Money is intertwined into our lives and impacts us emotionally, physically, relationally, and spiritually.  When we feel uncertain, frustrated, embarrassed, and/or overwhelmed about our financial situation it impacts our happiness and peace.  Take control of your money and you transform your life.


As a financial coach, we will work together to change your mindsets around money and create new habits so you can reach your goals.  


Any goals you have, I can help - here are just a few!


  • Get out of debt

  • Have an emergency fund

  • Quit living paycheck to paycheck

  • Get ahead

  • Remodel your house

  • Help kids with their future

  • Pay off your house

  • Buy a house

  • Help your parents

  • Retire

  • Leave a legacy

  • Give generously

  • Travel

  • Budget - have a spending plan


I can help guide & provide the tools in order for you to reach your goals.


Your Financial Freedom Starts Here


My Specialties

As a financial and mental fitness coach, I work one on one with you (singles and couples) and create a unique plan to your situation. A spending plan (budget) is a foundational step then we build from there.  We work on mindset changes, behaviors, and choice around money.  We also make sure you have money defense in place (I guide you- I don’t sell any products)- ie. insurances, wills.  I’m that outside perspective that provides accountability. 

Financial Coach vs Financial Advisor (simplistic terms)

A financial coach works with your behavior with money, a financial advisor works with your money’s behavior.


A fellow coach created this video to further explain what a financial coaching does.  

Why invest in a financial coach?

In addition, I offer a 6 wk program to build your mental fitness.  The program is through  The program is built into my financial coaching practice AND can be a stand alone. 

Mental Fitness is your capacity to respond to life’s challenges with positive rather than negative mindset.  That positive mindset impacts

▸      Peak performance

▸      Peace of mind / wellness

▸      Healthy relationships

How does this work- well we work on rewiring the brain.  We want to catch the negative emotions (Saboteurs) and refocus on the Sage.  This program provides tools to help us do that.  

So if you want to find more peace and calm in your life because we know life will always bring us challenges- reach out!​​


If you are ready to transform financially which will impact you emotionally, relationally, and physically, then schedule a complimentary consultation!

Group Coaching 2024-
Financial Empowerment for Women &
Pre-marital Financial Coaching

Rustic Beach Path

Curious how others have been impacted by financial and mental fitness coaching, then check out what others have shared:

"My family and I are beyond grateful that we took a chance on Liz Hagg to be our financial coach. With her wealth of knowledge and experience, she opened our eyes to fresh ideas. We got answers to questions we didn’t know we should have asked in the first place."

- couple in their 20s

“Working with Liz has been one of the greatest decisions of my life… The financial coaching she has provided has been invaluable to me. I no longer live paycheck to paycheck, I have control over my finances and a plan that has been successful since day 1.”

- Ashley

“Financially speaking, words cannot express my gratitude for what Liz has helped me to accomplish in one year. It goes beyond saying, 'thank you' as it has changed my whole way of thinking and in how I see myself.


What an incredible coach!”

- Joy (Now Debt Free!)

“I truly believe God uses people to help others and Liz is a testament to that......The freedom- mentally, emotionally and financially, is mind blowing to say the least!.....Getting a financial coach has helped us accomplish more than just better our finances and get out of debt and having Liz alongside us as our coach has motivated us in ways we weren't even thinking of."

-Family of 5

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