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My mission when working with clients is “Encourage, Empower and Educate” so this Newsletter is focused on Encouragement.

Times are tough- that unfortunately is our reality- I get it and feel it too. We can only control what is in our power to control and what we can control is our choices, perspective and mindset. Tough times have happened before but depending on your age, you may not have lived through them so if that is the case- you now have an added perspective to your economic tool box- welcome to the club (even if it is a membership you didn’t want). I remember in 2008 when my husband and I lost 50% of our retirement. It was a sickening feeling at the time. But it was now an opportunity to buy low and grow. Since 2008 with our continued monthly contribution, it has now grown 5x what is was in just 14 years (and yes it has taken a uncomfortable dip this year so I remind myself of past trends) 1st Tip- Remember the good stuff (The gains not the gap) Our minds can take us immediately to what is going wrong when we have so many things that are going right! That’s why all my session start off with- “what’s going well” before we dig into the speed bumps. Write them down and/or have your spouse or accountability partner remind you.

Clients have shared that they are getting raises, are paying of debt despite the economy, gotten bigger bonuses, spouses are coming together, everyone is healthy, they are paying cash for their vacations, saving on insurance, no new debt, organizing & selling stuff- I could go on and on. Every win is important.

2nd Tip- Choices This is a harder one because we want it all. You may be able to have it all but it is hard to have it all at once. No matter how much you make, you can outspend any paycheck. Having a spending plan that prioritizes what is most important to you helps with those choices. Just like at work or how you spend your day, you prioritize what is most important to you- well spending is the same way. A spending plan means preplanning the month, setting a goal for savings/debt pay off, following the plan, then learning from that plan. When you are preplanning- can anything go? Anything low priority that would lower your monthly spending? You know where you can cut- hard part- doing it! The reward is way worth it. 3rd Tip- 30 Day Challenge the Status Quo - Radically change your process and thinking - This can be financial or non-financial - We get busy and assume what we are doing is the best and most efficient- sometimes we don’t know - Pick one part of your routine and disrupt it. For example- not ready to cut cable then pretend you don’t have cable and for a few weeks, live without it by not using it. - Think outside box and be creative - Simple personal example- our family has a charging station in the kitchen. My watch charger is in this station but most days I forget to put my watch in the charger. This went on for months where I couldn’t use my watch because it wasn’t charged. Then I took the time to think about why is wasn’t working and disrupt the status quo- Move the dumb charger to my bedroom because that is where I take my watch off at night. Bam, no issue anymore. - Another example- evening time- we were spending too much time watching TV so new rule- TV doesn’t go on until 8:00 pm. That extra time is spent working together to achieve 1 goal for the night. Now when we do sit down, we feel more relaxed and accomplished. Music is a huge “get moving” encourager for me so whenever possible, music is on (and not the TV). We’ve lived through tough economic times before- 2008, 2002, 80’s and 70’s and now 2022. Control what you can control and you got this! You know why I know you can do this- because I see it everyday with the amazing people that coach with me. They are changing their lives and taking control and despite the economy, making progress on their money and mindsets!

Make 1 change this week and remember a 1% change everyday = 100% improvement in 100 days. (Atomic Habits)

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