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Lower your college costs

Financial Tip for those with kids in college or going to college.

  • Not just posting something I found- posting something we have experience with.

  • Credit to Emma (my daughter) whose professor told the students and then she took action. She knows how much her university is costing and with 150 credits (this is a requirement to take the CPA exam- not a mistype- it's crazy I know), she's participating in the process to figure out ways to lower our costs.

Who could use this:

  • Want to lessen a semester load- maybe your child also works, plays a sport, is in theatre

  • Need extra credits

  • Want to graduate early

  • Just want cost effective credits for those elective classes

Here is one way we just learned about that many don't know about:

  1. Go to and check out what courses your school accept CLEP exams. There are 2900 school. They may only accept a few courses, many or none.

  2. Then pick one- electives are the best option.

  3. Need a refresher on the topic, need to learn on the topic and/or review tests, then go to and match the course option to the CLEP test.

  4. After studying, then take the CLEP exam- you can take it online or in person (you'll need to check for a location near you for the in person)

My daughters example:

  1. She checked to the classes that were accepted at her University

  2. She picked 3 classes she wanted (9 credits)

  3. First up- English Lit

  4. Did the course on Modernstates

  5. Found a local test center- took the test

  6. Had the credits transferred to her University

  7. Received notification from her University that the credit were accepted

  8. Cost $0- yup, not a cost her $0. Initially we paid $30 to take the test then she found a reimbursement option in Modernstates and go our $30 back.

  9. Next course is a math course- taking a refresher course and she will take the test over fall break

My daughter is going to be a junior in college so it doesn't matter if you are a freshman, sophomore or junior. She also told a fellow classmate about it and she did it.

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