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What clients are saying-

My spouse and I, both in our mid-30s with two young children, initially sought financial guidance in the wrong places. However, our excitement grew when we discovered the existence of personal financial coaches. Prior to coaching, we had a solid foundation from studying The Ramsey Principles, but maintaining consistency and alignment on financial decisions proved challenging. The coaching we received provided us with a stable framework, enabling us to make choices based on stability rather than fear. During this period, I was offered a new position within my company that required relocation. Thanks to the work we did with Liz, we confidently declined the offer. Our financial stability allowed us to break free from “golden handcuffs” and a fear-based mindset. Liz’s coaching focused on three key areas: communication, third-party advice, and long-term planning. 

Our sessions as a couple provided a safe space to discuss finances, fostering an open environment where we could propose solutions from different perspectives. Over the first three months, unique situations arose, prompting us to seek alternative options. Despite believing we were debt-free, we had a car payment and a mortgage. Liz challenged us to consider the pros and cons, motivating us to pay off the vehicle loan and shift our goals toward mortgage repayment. Liz’s expertise illuminated the possibilities achievable through intentional changes today. We now understand the impact of long-term planning and remain committed to our financial path. Liz’s authenticity shines through her lived experience, making her an effective coach. In summary, two significant achievements resulted from our journey: 1) paying off our house and 2) securing a new job locally, surpassing the relocation opportunity. Thank you Liz!

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