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What's your WHY?

Deciding to start a new money journey is the first step & or many the hardest step

How do you decide? Know your "Why".....

WHY? That is such an important question to get started on your journey. Why do you want to change and do it differently?

If you are married- sit with your spouse and write down your "why". Having both of you engaged & participating will accelerate your learning & success.

If you are single, sit with a friend or family member- we call that an "accountability partner". Share your "why"

People have many reasons-

- you are sick & tired of living paycheck to paycheck

- you want to purchase a house

- you are concerned about having enough for retirement

- you want to travel more

- you just want peace & control of your money

- you want to stop fighting/worrying about money

- you want to change careers

- you lost your job or changing jobs

- want to have a child

- want to create a family legacy & change your family tree

There are so many reasons- and they are all important because they are yours! Knowing your "WHY" will help motivate you!

IDEA: Post your "WHY" somewhere you will see it often- for example: fridge, office, door you use when you head out

After you know your "WHY", then discuss your long term goals & add them.

DECIDE am I going to do things differently and make it a priority. Ask yourself- where could I be 6 months from now if I change? Then ask yourself- where will I be if I don't?

For inspiration - this video is a couple that hit rock bottom and turned it around.

I'll leave you with this- there are many ways to learn & get help- whether it is through books, FPU class or hiring a financial coach- Just DECIDE!

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