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Determination and Grit will take you to the finish line

How determined are you?

Part of a financial journey or any part of your life you are looking to change, requires grit & determination.

Your level of determination establishes the level of purpose & destiny that you walk in!

  • Are you ready to: Draw a line in the sand, finish the race, fight the good fight?

  • Are you hoping your finances will get better? Are you waiting for a windfall to happen to you or for you to create the change?

  • How is your financial situation effecting your marriage? How determined are you to see your marriage healthy and vibrant?

  • Are you going through the motions of life and ignoring your money situation? Or Are you doing what is necessary and living with relentless determination?

  • Are you looking for the easy way out or looking for the quick compromise?

We can fall short with grit & determination. When things get tough or pressure is applied, we bend, we retreat or may even give up. It is the way of our world or our culture.

Ready to apply that Grit & Determination to your finances-

Step 1- Decide that you want to make the change and WHY you want to change! Write it down and post it somewhere where you see it everyday.

Step 2- if you are married, talk to your spouse and ask for help. Share how you are feeling about the situation. Share why you want to make a change - “I need help, would you be able to help me with this?”

Be open to new ideas and new ways

Step 3 Make a detailed plan to accomplish the goal. If you don’t know where to start- reach out for help!

A financial plan, start with a budget (money map). Every dollar for the month is pre-planned, then track it! This sounds easy but will take habit changing, grit and determination.

Step 4- Give yourself GRACE. Change is not easy and takes time but the reward is worth it!

Step 5- Evaluate, adjust, and evaluate again. Every month is different. Keep investing in yourself. Reach out for help if needed

Never give up- never quit- don’t quit, never stop trying! That’s living with relentless determination.


Aside- Personal Note on grit & determination-

Both photos used in this blog are from a mission trip to Peru. When my son was a senior in HS, he asked me to go on a church mission trip with him. I’m not an adventurous person (and he is and I’m learning to be). My initial thoughts were- nope not interested- too much uncertainty for me. But then my heart took over- how could I say no to my son who wants me to spend time with him? So off we went to Peru on a mission trip.

At the end of the mission trip, a small group of us went to Machu Pichu. When we got to Machu Pichu, we were to climb Wannapichu. It is the mountain in the background that towers above Machu Pichu. Now I had no idea what I was climbing or what it entailed. But I knew, I did not want to be the person that sat on the sidelines while everyone else experienced the climb. I wasn’t in the best shape and if I’d thought about it, I would have probably not done it.

But I decided I was doing it, so I just climbed. My grit and determination got me to the top and the amazing view. My son climbed much faster and waited for me at the top (priceless). I stayed with the 40 & 50 age crew that moved much slower. And yes he had to wait a good hour for me to get to the top. It is one of the accomplishments I will never forget. There were many lessons learned that day like bring more water (oh big regret). My grit and determination gave me an experience I will never forget.

What will you do with your grit & determination?

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