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Perseverance, Money & Life’s Curve’s Ball

Unveiling the Power of Perseverance for Your Financial Journey! 

Life's rhythm is a dance of unexpected twists and turns. 💃🕺

How we navigate these challenges shapes the life we crave.

Today, let's dive into the essence of "Perseverance" and its pivotal role in creating the life you truly desire.

Define Your Path:

  1. 🌅 **Envision Your Ideal Future:

  • Imagine the life you desire – professionally, personally, and financially.

  •  Set specific goals for short, medium, and long-term milestones. (remember to make them specific, measurable, time-frame with milestones, achievable and write them down)This can be hard for some- as they can’t see beyond today or tomorrow.  It is so important to challenge yourself to know where you are going or working toward going.  You can’t create goals if you don’t know where you are going.

  1. 🗺️ **Create a Vision Board:

  • Harness the power of visuals! Craft a vision board with images that represent your goals.

  • Display it prominently to stay focused on the bigger picture.

  1.  🤔 **Reflect on Values:

  • Align goals with personal values. What truly matters to you?

  • A purpose-driven vision fuels motivation and perseverance.

  • What gives you purpose and joy?

Prepare for the Unseen & the Seen:

  1. 📅 Monthly Forecast/Money Map:

  • Dedicate time monthly to review upcoming expenses and events.

  • Identify potential financial challenges and allocate funds accordingly.

  • include paying extra on your debt so you an get out of debt

  1. 💼 Emergency Funds for Life's Surprises:

  •  Emergency Fund is a SWAN fund - it helps you -Sleep Well At Night.

  •  Life's unexpected events are less daunting with a financial safety net

  1. 🚗 Car Maintenance Fund:

  • Anticipate life's curveballs – like your car needing new tires or unexpected maintenance. Give thought ahead of time- what maintenance will my car need this year?

  • Creating a separate fund for anticipated car maintenance costs.

  • Saving monthly ensures financial resilience.

  1. 🎄 Prepare for the Seen (Vacations, Holidays):

  • Acknowledge upcoming life events in 2024- like vacations or holidays.

  • Encourage proactive planning – calculate needs and save monthly for these anticipated occasions.

Attitude & Your Beliefs Matters

  • When challenges arise, your attitude becomes a game-changer.

  • How will you persevere?

  • Surround yourself with a support system that uplifts and empowers you. 🤝

Debt-Free Inspiration🎉

Meet Joel, an amazing client who conquered debt amidst life's many hurdles.

🎤 His debt-free scream echoes the power of perseverance.  (see below) What a hero to his journey!  You’ll see so much perseverance and also the importance of surrounding ourselves with support.

Ready to face challenges head-on and create the life you want? If so, let's chat.

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